What Do You Think When You Are Crawling In The Tailback?

How and what you think while sitting behind the wheel are changing so fast. I don’t mean to mention them as negative or positive thoughts which will be saved for other articles. However, it’s highly unlikely you’ll know exactly what you are going to think during the riding phase. Just bear in mind that thinking either negatively or positively, emotional driving distractions is real and over time, they can become a habit. This article will talk about what most of people usually have in their minds when they are driving.

1. Thinking about a Hard Working Day and Career

Crawling along the road in the peak doesn’t sound interesting. However, it causes you to think a lot even you don’t realize, or you may realize but you just ignore it. You may think about the whole stressful day at work. Some of your coworkers behaved in the way that you don’t prefer. Some others even drove you crazy more than one time and you take them offense. Besides, you have been working hard all the months long, giving a perfect idea for an upcoming event, but your boss said he would do no such thing.  All of them together lead you to the feeling of frustration and distress. They one by one come across your mind and talk to you. They indicate that it’s time for them and you cannot hide anymore. Added to that, another driver cuts you off when you’re driving very carefully. You mouthing bad words and relate him to your boss who always steps in and throws all your real efforts away as if they were worthless.

2. Thinking about Your Significant Other or Your Children

Very quickly, your thoughts turn to your husband or wife. What is he/she doing right now? Has she cooked dinner? Has he picked up your children from school? From this point, it turns out to be the thoughts about your children. You have to be stricter to them so that they study harder and get a better result. Thinking about them can make you feel happy or not. By this I mean, riding on the road, when nothings special such as an accident or a torrential rain happen, there is no boundary for your thoughts. It seems like all of the memories about your children come back to you every day when you are driving, doesn’t it? Having said that, you have to control or learn how to control the thinking path so that they don’t lead you to hitting any pedestrian or damaging other drivers. Don’t let it go too far that you forget you are behind the wheel.

3. Thinking about Your Future

how driving can make you think

You’ve been driving for hours. “Do I need to struggle like I’ve been doing so far?” You find out that you are thinking about how your future should look like and what you can do to make your dreams come true. You are going to attend a Spanish class, join a dancing club and things like that. Wait! You don’t have time, well, as a sufficient reason.  What a mess your life is. I don’t entirely mean to scare you here, however, if you see an accident on the way, you might think what if you but not that man were in that bad luck? That’s really bad and there’s nothing left but the unfortunates for yourself and all your relatives. Let yourself experience the inevitable happiness and enthusiasm to their fullest extent, but let make it clear, you have to keep yourself and other drivers saved.

4. Thinking about Life and Humanity

Alright, now is the time for some elderlies who are trying to sell cheap stuff along the way. Such a huge topic will come to your mind like this: How can I do to help those miserable peoples? What the officials do and where they are so that their people have to live like that? Well, it can be said that tailing back in the long line of traffic can be a chance for you to become a good man, right? In the case that your emotions get the better of you, and you accidentally do something that upset other drivers because they are cutting you off, it is highly likely that you will make every effort to express remorse. Such as letting them get ahead of you, waving your hand or saying sorry are some of the ways you can go with. After that, you come across an old man full of life with his dog. You somehow feel happier and eager to go home and share that scene with your significant one.

5. Thinking about Other Drivers

You are currently full of life until one of the crowd on the road drift to your lane or cut you off. How does this feel? I guess that you would think they are so stupid that they shouldn’t drive that car which is more beautiful than yours. Well, maybe they are in as hurry as you, maybe not, but you’re still going to hate them and so on. Diving into those negative feeling until you rear-end the car ahead of you. In some other cases,  you don’t want to allow them to get ahead of you. You want to be the fastest man leading to a very dangerous situation. Many people with their hindsight, they should’ve driven more carefully. They realize later that they not only drive for themselves, they also carry their family members and society along the road. No matter what you are going to miss, an important appointment, a best friend’s wedding, you should always put your life first with constant attention.

thinking while driving

On the other hand, getting into an argument with your significant other or receiving sad/distressing news pretty sure lead you to depress feeling and negative thinking, which affect the driving a lot. By contrast, receiving good news that you are waiting or hoping to receive might cause the positive feeling. In fact, some you might even be harder to let go of positive emotions than negative ones. So, take a great consideration before staying behind the wheels after getting any significant news that can cause negative consequences. Although these situations may not seem problematic, getting wrapped up in the emotions that come as a result could lead you to a considerable damage.

6. Thinking about Your Bed (Which Means You Are Sleepy)

Yes, you may wish that you were on your bed right now instead of recklessly driving like you are.  First of all, I would like to say that the most dangerous times which are the likely times for nodding off to occur are late at night (between midnight and dawn), early afternoon when the body is digesting launch. The sign of falling asleep can be excessive yawning and heavy eyes. When you have to drive during this time, pay close attention to your body and you entirely need constant attention. Should you feel sleepy behind the wheel, try to make a frequent rest stops, get out of your vehicle, and then walk around to fill the lungs with fresh air. If there is any other driver, rotate the driving duties, or taking a short nap if possible.

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