How To Overcome Procrastination In Writing?

In the era of internet and contents, it’s easy to find a job requiring writing skill. You may write as a novelist, a blogger, a content creator and so. Regardless writing fields you are doing in, there is a high chance that you are encountering with one of the biggest problems which is procrastination. You might be stuck in the circle of missing the deadline again and again in the long term, which is bad. The good news is procrastination in writing is easy to overcome. In the scope of this article, I will mention some of the most efficient ways to get through it, especially for those who are willing to attempt to a more non-traditional approach to their careers – freelance writing.

1. Have Your Own Private Rooms

For most writers, having their own private room is critical. It’s really hard to write among the crowded and noisy group of people. Just imagine how ridiculous it is if there are someone staring at your computer screen while you are putting your thoughts into words. I guess that you won’t be able to write comfortably and freely, neither me. Close the door, lock it when high concentration needed to avoid being disturbed by others.

2. Have a Detailed Writing Plan and Deadlines

As an ordinary writer, you want to work freely in terms of time and style. There is nothing wrong with this. However, when it comes to time, you should take it seriously. If you are going to sit down and write whenever you feel right or “in the mood”, you are not going to gain the best retentive output, not to mention it isn’t a professional working path. If you have ever worked as a freelancer, you know how critical it is to provide clients finished works in time though enough quality. Falling to keep your promises with clients is obviously the easiest way to lose them, which means you are throwing your potential income away.

3. Never Write without Publishing Intention

procrastination in writing

Doing something without a proper purpose is wasting your time and energy to some extents. Exposing yourself to publishing your work to some well-known website can help maintain the energy to write. There are many websites that accept guest writing reach thousands of readers every day. Thinking about your writing as a written reference for readers can encourage you and put you into action.

4. Don’t Seek for Perfection

Nobody is perfect, neither you. Every human soul has a weakness, and perfection has no way to achieve. Seeking for perfection is the simplest way to drag you down to the bottom line of disappointment. Research, write, edit and write again. Don’t rush, writing is a multiple-step process. Chances are your final results miss your expectation. Your tired feelings impulse you to give up everything and you don’t want even to think about writing from scratch. In such cases, leave your writing for a period of time and come back to it with a fresh mind will work.

5. Don’t Compare Your Writing with Others’

Don’t get me wrong here. You desperately need to read and learn from other writers, especially those who created masterpieces. However, it’s dangerous when you compare your writing with those which are being published. You don’t know how much time the authors had spent on writing and editing their works before actually publishing. You may be comparing your first draft with their final product. No need to say how unfair it is.

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